Happy B-day Bill Lawrence Review!!

Bill Lawrence Review (or at least the fancy web site you're looking at in it's latest version) is now 1 year old! There have been a lot of improvements over that year, and I'm looking forward to many more! Cheers,

Site updates!!!

I'm going to be upgrading the Glossary and Compare pages to a sections/categories! Soon to be filled with more information about each entry. You may notice some pages will be in "point" form, please be patient as I fill in all the gaps! I'll also have to update links throughout the site pointing to either the Glossary or Compare pages, thanks again for all the help, and patience!

Disclaimers for everyone! If you've ever asked "Who's who?"

Both and now feature disclaimers- At "Designer Bill Lawrence is Not Associated with Jzchak Wajcman dba Bill Lawrence Products". And at "Jzchak Wajcman DBA Bill Lawrence Products/Bill Lawrence guitar pickups/Bill Lawrence USA is not associated with the designer "Bill Lawrence" since 1984". That is how they appear as of this writing June 29 2007. This is one small but important step in clearing up any possible confusion for potential and existing customers of "Bill Lawrence" electric guitar pickups. I will be updating some info around the site to convey this new perspective. From this consumer to both companies, Thank you.

Written in stone(?) Part 2

With the "Bill Lawrence" trade name/mark dispute heading to the courts(link), with, hopefully, an end in sight, this site may soon become irrelevant. When(if) this dispute eventually gets resolved, identifying a "Bill Lawrence" pickup will be an easy matter, and this sites content will only apply to "old" or "used" pickups. My goal is for this site to grow into a reservoir of knowledge about ALL electric guitar pickups, not just the "Bill Lawrence" guitar pickups made by two manufacturers. R.I.P.

I've just deleted the site That URL will now bring you here. I started that site as a boiled down and browser/platform friendly version of this site. Now that is both cross-platform and cross-browser, and getting easier to navigate (I hope!), the need for a second site has diminished. Also, I've noticed that most visitors to end up coming here for more info anyway. I will now focus my efforts on improving and updating this one site. Thanks!!

Written in stone(?)

Well, this site has been building for a few months now, but sadly, I think all the surprises have come and gone. I've enjoyed working on this site a great deal. I still remember what it was like, that eureka moment, when I learned that the company Lawrence Sound Research was where the L-500 was born. Until then, I thought they had been made by Lawrence Electro-sound, my only and first source of information being (and my own assumptions). But it pays to keep looking, keep asking.

The "Identify-your-L-500" page is here!!! days are numbered...

Previously under construction over at, this handy and simple form lets you identify the date and manufacturer of your L-500 guitar pickup!! Try it out for yourself here Previously under construction over at, this handy and simple form lets you identify the date and manufacturer of your L-500 guitar pickup!! Try it out for yourself here Also of mention, the days of are numbered.

New look and content management!!!

Hello!! I'm very proud to unfold the latest upgrade to the BillLawrenceReview web site!! I've added and changed some things here and there, and I think this will encourage growth, without too many further growing pains! ("The Pickups" section currently has "OBL pickups" lumped in, though down the road, I may create a new category for all the "Bill Lawrence" owned, run, or named companies.

URL changes in effect

The fully cross browser lite version of this site,, has been renamed BillLawrenceIdentify. In my continuing effort to make my web sites regarding "Bill Lawrence" guitar pickups conflict and confusion free, will be the new name for the cross platform cross browser lite version of this website.

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