When Identifying an L-500 from the Bill Lawrence Pickups (Classic)Pickups made and sold between 1975 and 1984 by Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich). period, you should be aware that the L-500 product line underwent name changes throughout 1981, The hot L-500L was renamed the L-500XL with the cleaner L-510L becoming the new L-500L. the L-500R did not change in output or name.


The L-500C was born in 1994 when Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich) reintroduced the L-510R, renamed to go along with the 1981 naming changes. By Bill Lawrence (WS)This label denotes pickups made by Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich), after 1984, including pickups from OBL Pickups and/or at .

Also of note some Bill Lawrence Products (EZ)Pickups made by Jzchak Wajcman after 1984. electric guitar pickups may feature the color of the pickup in the model name. For example a L-500XLZ would be a L-500XL in zebra, and a L-500RC a L-500R in cream.

I've seen some Bill Lawrence Products (EZ)Pickups made by Jzchak Wajcman after 1984. pickups available online with odd naming like XL500 or XL-500. I'm not sure if this is the work of Jzchak 'EZ' Wajcman and company or a retailer of their products.

Measurement in Henries of the inductance of a electro magnetic guitar pickup.

  Pickups by year (L-500 and L-510s)
Inductance in Henries
  • 1979-1981
  • 1981-during
  • 1981-end
  • 1994
9.6 L-500L L-500L L-500XL L-500XL
6.9   L-510L L-500L L-500L
4.8 L-500R L-500R L-500R L-500R
3.2   L-510R   L-500C

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