URL changes in effect

The fully cross browser lite version of this site, BillLawrencProducts.com, has been renamed BillLawrenceIdentify. In my continuing effort to make my web sites regarding "Bill Lawrence" guitar pickups conflict and confusion free, Billlawrenceidentify.com will be the new name for the cross platform cross browser lite version of this website. Also, over the next few days I will be editing and adding content regarding dates and features of "Bill Lawrence" guitar pickups, and removing some info that simply does not have anything to do with identifying one of these guitar pickups. I apprecitate everyones patience as I try to update, correct, edit, and add more accurate and relevant content for this site. More to follow, Scott PS I will be weeding out any referance to BillLawrenceProducts.com shortly, as I/this-site no longer have any affiliation with that name, cheers. PSS If you're wondering where that nifty identify-your-L-500-with-this-form form is, it'll be up on billlawrenceidentify.com shortly (available for preview at billlawrenceidentify.com/billlawrence_identify.htm)

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