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Update Nov 20 2013: I've recently unpublished some older articles pertaining to the legal activities revolving around the trademark/tradename "Bill Lawrence"... this data is far out of date, and I'm frankly not interested in following any the matter any further.  

content below last updated May 26 2008

1) This site is meant to be a fan site for musicians and enthusiasts. If I am in any way violating any copyright or any other right, please contact me here. Thanks for your understanding and support.

BillLawrenceReview.com was built specifically for those who want more information on "Bill Lawrence" L-500 pickups, specifically, to help identify and differentiate between pickups by the company and those designed by the man.

the name "BillLawrenceReview" refers to this sites overview of the man, the pickups, and the companies refereed to legitimately or otherwise in advertising, packaging, discussion forums, and other pop culture as being "Bill Lawrence".

This site is found at the internet address http://billlawrencereview.com and http://billlawrenceidentify.com.

2) This site is not in anyway affiliated with any company or manufacturer of "Bill Lawrence" pickups or products of any kind.

Also, I no longer own nor have any affiliation with any web site, business, individiuals, or otherwise related to the domain name billlawrenceproducts.com. It was brought to my attention that Mr. Jzchak 'EZ' Wajcman is doing business as (d.b.a.)(but not limited to) "Bill Lawrence Products", and as such my ownership of the domain name billlawrenceproducts.com was inapropriate as it could lead to confusion which Mr. Wajcman and myself seek to avoid. My registration of said domain name was cancelled on or as of Feb 27th 2007.

3) This site does not sell or produce any merchandise, pickups or otherwise, or offer any services for any fee. This site is not affiliated personally or financially (see next paragraph) in any way to any person or company by the name, alias, or trade name, or mark "Bill Lawrence".

However, I may be at any point a customer of said "Bill Lawrence" pickup company(s) or individual, and am and will continue to be an owner of "Bill Lawrence" pickups (by individuals or companies using that name) by any vendor(s) selling such products.

No one should ever be contacted by anyone from either billlawrencereview.com or billlawrenceidentify.com requesting money or credit information for any reason. Please disregard as spam or phishing if this does in fact occur and notify the proper authorities and/or me here.

Thank you.

This has not happened to my knowledge, and I hope it does not. I only make this point for the sake of transparency and everyone's online safety.

4) In regards to the "Bill Lawrence" name and it's use throughout this web site:

I refer to Mr. Willi Lorenz Stich as an individual being or being known as "Bill Lawrence" having read about this individual over the course of many years in reputable publications and being referred to as "Bill Lawrence", and as such, this is how I have come to know and be aware of him.

Neither this statement, nor this web sites content, should be used or taken as an endorsement or opposition of any parties claim to the name "Bill Lawrence" (title, mark, alias, or otherwise).

Designer Bill Lawrence is Not Associated with Jzchak Wajcman dba Bill Lawrence Products.

Jzchak Wajcman DBA Bill Lawrence Products/Bill Lawrence guitar pickups/Bill Lawrence USA is not associated with the designer "Bill Lawrence".

5) As to the validity or reliablity of this sites content.

I am trying to create this sites content from a balance of a) arguably unverified and disputable facts (see c), b) what is held to be common knowledge (see c), and c) what I currently know or beleive to be truth, and as such this site should not be taken as fact and not as the word of an expert or expert opinion.

The content on this web site is constantly under revision, so please only use this as an aid to your own research, and not as absolute fact or truth.


...About this sites owner/operator

I, Scott Polley, have built this site for the purpose of clearing up the mess of information regarding available products on the internet being sold as "Bill Lawrence" pickups.

I, Scott Polley, edit, update, seek information for, and represent this site solely. I am just one person.

I do not claim to be an expert.

I am a guitarist and guitar enthusiast.

I am only trying to help potential buyers, and current owners of "Bill Lawrence" pickups.

I would appreciate any help from experts, however.

Is there a catch?

This site, billlawrencereview.com, features some advertising provided by Google. This site does not sell or offer any products or services.

I have placed a small link/advert at the bottom of this page and every page in this site for the hosting provider for this site, which I also own.

This site does not use cookies or any invasive scripts to gain information from it's viewers. I use Google Analytics at http://google.com/analytics/ to track traffic on this site. update since migrating this site to a content management system, it may use cookies to keep track of inputed information and user log in info. I will provide more information as it becomes available.

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