Compare L-500 pickups by year, company, and feature.


Curved Blades (not flush)Picture 1979 to mid 83 no no
Thin Blades (flush)Picture

Thin blades pictured on left , on a 2003+ Bill Lawrence Pickups (EZ) L-500XL, this feature was introduced by Bill Lawrence at Lawrence Sound Research in 1983.
from mid 1983-84 yes no
Thick Blades (flush)Picture

Thick blades pictured on right, on an OBL by Bill Lawrence (WS) L-500R, this feature was introduced by Bill Lawrence at OBL in 1986.
no no yes
Chrome Housing Picture

A Lawrence Sound Research L-500L, circa 1983
yes no yes
Non-Chrome Housing yes?(optional) yes yes(optional)
"BILL LAWRENCE USA" Imprint Picture

This feature appeared in 1983 or possibly the last month of 1982.
not from 1979-82

appeared in 1983 or last month of '82
yes no
"Bill Lawrence U.S.A." stamp Picture

no yes (~2002) no
"Bill Lawrence" sticker signature Picture no no yes
Epoxy/Resin Filled Housing Picture

The pickup on the left is FILLED with Epoxy. Note the pickup on the right has space around the bobbins, and the coils are even visible.
no (not filled) yes (to top, ~1990 onwards) no (not filled)
4 Conductor Lead yes yes yes
3 Conductor Lead no? no? yes (custom orders)

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