OBL Pickups

In 1986 Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich) started making and selling the L-500 and other guitar pickups under his new company name OBL, located in West Germany. These pickups would also feature flat blades although wider and longer. The original L-500s were made with only Gibson guitar string spacing in mind. These new 2.225 inch blades would allow the L-500's to be used effectively in guitars with Fender string spacing as well. 1986 OBL L-500R,  top-front 1986 OBL L-500R, bottom

Like his pickups made earlier at Lawrence Sound Research, Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich) would continue to offer his pickups with the chrome housing option. Mr Lawrence continues to make pickups similar to these OBL pickups to this day, now in California USA.

NOTE: Pickups made at or by OBL between 1986 and 1989 fall under the By Bill Lawrence (WS)This label denotes pickups made by Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich), after 1984, including pickups from OBL Pickups and/or at billlawrence.com

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