OBL Pickups

Import OBL guitar pickup

In 1989, after working at Gibson guitars and supplying OBL pickups for use in some of their guitars, Bill left to focus on other projects.

The name "OBL" and some pickup designs were licensed to Gibson, who in turn, manufactured pickups overseas for use in their Epiphone import guitars. Mr Lawrence maintains that these pickups are not of his design and do not meet his quality standards.

1986-89 OBL 450 with Logo

Note: The Epiphone made "OBL" pickups often feature an extended 'slash' or "//////OBL" logo (pictured top of page, in epiphone packaging) and do not feature chrome housings while OBL pickups manufactured in West Germany By Bill Lawrence (WS)This label denotes pickups made by Bill Lawrence(Willi Lorenz Stich), after 1984, including pickups from OBL Pickups and/or at billlawrence.com feature no logo or a very simple three letter "OBL" (see image immediately above) stamp and commonly feature chrome housings.

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