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I recommend the Firefox browser, however, this site should function properly in Internet Explorer version 5 or better.

UPDATE: Seems to work very well in most browsers, and degrades rather well in Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4, and Opera 5 (although the "rollover" images are sometimes lost in Opera versions 6 and earlier, and the Timeline page may crash Netscape 4).

The content of this site is now available on, (currently down since site update- July21 2011). If you are logged in to face book, you will be able to post comments and forum topics (send all your helpful info!), you can also join the facebook group at


Link to me! If you think others would be interested in this site and would like to provide a link to us, please copy and paste this code into your site:

<a href="" title="Bill Lawrence">Bill Lawrence</a>

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