L-90 / OBL-900


The coils of the L-90 were approximately one quarter inch apart, unlike typical humbucking pickups and the latter L-500, and more like two single coils in one package.

The "holy grail" of "Bill Lawrence" electric guitar pickups, the L-90 is still highly sought after and considered by many to be superior to the L-500. One reason for this may be the L-90s superior ability articulating chords/strumming. The up and down strokes on a L-500 equipped instrument is known to produce a slightly different sounds, whereas the L-90s tone is consistent.

LSR L-90

There have been some enquiries as to the differance between white/cream and black L-90s. It seems that quite commonly a white L-90 will appear in the bridge postition with a black on in the neck position. I can only guess at this time that the white ones are L-90XL and black ones art standard L-90 or L-90R (if such a thing excisted). Let me know if you have more info on this.

The L-90XL was replaced by the L-500 in 1979.

The L-90 was re-released in the mid eighties by Bill at OBL as the OBL-900.  Production ceased with the end of OBL. (not to be confused with the L-900)

Bill again released the L-90 in 2008(?) at Wilde pickups.

Examples of this pickup uploaded by site members

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