Update Nov 23 2013:  As always, I consider all requests and notifications of incorrect content on this site, recieved either by email or through the contact form on this site.  Please be specific.

Update Nov 20 2013: I've recently unpublished some older articles pertaining to the legal activities revolving around the trademark/tradename "Bill Lawrence"... this data was far out of date, the status of the dispute far more murky than I had thought, and I'm frankly not interested in following the matter any further.  Please see my disclaimer

Over the next couple of days/weeks I'll be editing further as I feel necassary, or due to threat of zombie lawyers (I'm joking about the zombie part...).


BillLawrenceReview.com was built for those who want more information on "Bill Lawrence" L-500 pickups, specifically, to help identify and differentiate between pickups built by the company and/or those designed by the man.  I'll will also be looking at pickups made between 1975 and 1984 at/by Lawrence Sound Research, which may still be made by either Bill Lawrence Products/Bill Lawrence USA or by designer Bill Lawrence.

A sad day...

As many of you may have already heard, the man known to the world as Bill Lawrence passed away yesterday morning, Nov 2, 2013.  This site would not be here if not for him, the hours on the phone discussing guitars, pickups, science and electronics, life and philosopy.  I'm am a better person for having shared those moments.  My thoughts are with his family in this time.  Read more at http://billlawrence.com/

Show us your Bill!

Hey Everyone, I've added a spot on the web site where you can show off your "Bill Lawrence" pickups!  Just fill in the info and upload an image and it will appear here and on the homepage.

Login/signup, you can your Facebook credentials, and try it out here!


Identify page back up and running

Sorry for the delay,  the identify page is now running again!

New site progress

Welcome!  I've opened up registration once again in hopes of getting feedback and ideas from you.  I'm still working on getting Facebook interaction working, as I think this is probably the easiest way for you to say hi (no registration necassary).  Time will tell!
Thanks again,

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Create a forum topic...

Hi Everyone, I want to hear what you want to see on this site!  If you have info that you think should be added somewhere on the site, or should be an article on to itself, create a new forum topic here!  Hopefully others can chime in with additional info, links, and corrections.
Thanks for helping to make this site better!

Disclaimers for everyone! If you've ever asked "Who's who?"

Both billlawrence.com and billlawrenceusa.com now feature disclaimers- At billlawrence.com "Designer Bill Lawrence is Not Associated with Jzchak Wajcman dba Bill Lawrence Products". And at billlawrenceusa.com "Jzchak Wajcman DBA Bill Lawrence Products/Bill Lawrence guitar pickups/Bill Lawrence USA is not associated with the designer "Bill Lawrence" since 1984". That is how they appear as of this writing June 29 2007. This is one small but important step in clearing up any possible confusion for potential and existing customers of "Bill Lawrence" electric guitar pickups. I will be updating some info around the site to convey this new perspective. From this consumer to both companies, Thank you.

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